Amrit R.

Absolutely amazing. Yes. Thank you Brasil Hair, Skin, and Body, once again, for making a product that truly works. Your products are not like these other products that does nothing for your skin.
The packaging is functional and secure for travel. The product itself is amazing. Holy grail status. It’s a serum the way we traditionally think of serums, but so much more moisturizing. It’s soft, creamy, kind of gel and creamy at the same time, rather than watery and translucent / transparent. It doesn’t break me out, so it’s good for sensitive skin, and, as with most Brasil products, it’s fragrance free. There's no scent added. The scent is derived from all natural ingredients., which is a huge bonus in my book. I finally found something to mix with my nightly high-end serum, and it’s cut my skincare spending in half.
I will be repurchasing, and also recommending to anyone looking for soft, moisturized skin of any age. This gets it done at a very reasonable price.

Sarah J. 

This Immortal face cream is amazing and I’m super excited to share my results about about this remarkable product. I use this after washing my face Brasils, African face cleanser and my skin is tight and moisturized after. It feels so healthy that I don’t even wear makeup with it. It has also plumped up and moisturized my under eye area so much that I am not self conscious about it anymore. I love this stuff and I’m typically that girl who spends hundreds of dollars on serums and face creams for my face. Also, their body butter is amazing.

Michelle P. 

I was searching for a long time for a face cream to use at night and day that wouldn't be too heavy for my skin. My skin tends to be dry and sensitive. This face serum and cream has been great. It moisturizes well and does not break me out...and I break out very easily. An added bonus for me is that it really helps make lines/wrinkles considerably less visible. The serum does not flake a bit like others.


I've used other Hyaluronic acids none like this. I really see the benefit on my skin (which has a lot of wrinkles). Because I've seen so many videos reviewing the purity and benefits of Brasil's products, I decided to try their hyaluronic acid. It has hyaluronic acid and retinol in all of their skin and hair products. The creamy gel feel seems to keep the acid in place while I reach for the moisturizer to apply on top. That is the biggest plus for me. It doesn't feel like its running down while I'm trying to keep it in place for moisturizer. I love the texture of the product. Because I'm using both for my skin.


Let me preface this by saying I'm a fan of all things Brasil HSB create. Immortal skincare products are very good products, with a good formula and is not found almost anywhere and at a very good price. It is a serum with almost a really light gel fee... slicker feeling consistency serum as is the cream. As soon as you rub it into a serum, it is absorbed very quickly and can be used alone, if the skin is greasy, or under your moisturizer if the skin is dry. If I'd buy it again.


I can’t tell enough people about the incredible results I had using this Immortal Anti-Aging face serum product while on Accutane!! As many know, being on Accutane as an adult is hard and the side effects are brutal. Brasil has been a GODSEND!! Anytime the symptoms were unbearable this product would sooth my skin and heal my issues almost overnight!! If anyone is on Accutane the HAVE to use this MAGIC serum!! Thank you Brasil for saving me through this difficult few months!


This Hip Up Lifting Cream product helped me with:
Stretch marks and/or cellulite, Acne/blemishes, Discoloration, Softness


Yes, I would recommend this Hip Up Lifting Cream to a friend.


I am so pleased with this Hip Up Lifting Cream product. My skin is clearing up after about 3 weeks of use and the cellulite is noticeably reduced. I love how soft my skin is.


This Hip Up Lifting Cream product helped me with Acne/blemishes, Dryness, Softness


Awesome! This Hip Up Lifting Cream product has been the perfect cream for my body! I love it! The best purchase I’ve done! I don’t regret it and I bought more jars! Thank you!


This Hip Up Lifting Cream product helped me with: Firming/plumping, Stretch marks and/or cellulite, Softness


I saw the results straight away. My butt and thighs have noticeably less cellulite after application and Hip Up Lifting Cream leaves the skin feeling soft. I have a lot more confidence now wearing shorts and skirts!


This is my first time trying the Hip Up Lifting Cream have seen great results on it just yet, but the tingle that I fell on my legs when I’m using it tells me that the application is very strong and I’m sure it will definitely deliver the Process very well.


 I know this Hip Up Lifting Cream cream is a little pricey but it is my favorite body cream ever. It's rich and moisturizing. I get compliments ALL the time for the scent. The smell also lingers for the entire day even into the next. Only downfall I could say would be that it can stain your clothes if you're not careful but that never stops me.


My friend had this Hip Up Lifting body cream on a recent girls trip. I asked her what it was and she let me try it,....instant appreciation! I love the scent and the fact that the Bum Bum cream soaks in and doesn't leave you greasy!


This Hip Up Lifting body cream is Supreme!… that’s all you need to know. Go get you some - the scent will transport you to the tropical islands of your dreams!


I've been using the Hip Up Lifting body cream for about two weeks, twice a day (morning and night), to tighten up my belly, hips and butt. I am 28 and recently lost a few pounds (I have not had a baby) and my skin was taking a while to bounce back.


I saw Brasilhairskinandbody on Instagram and I have to say the lovely purple packaging caught my eye...so pretty. I did about 5 minutes of quick “research” and liked what I read. So, I ordered the Immortal Anti-Aging face serum(and some cleanser since I was running low on my old brand). The cleanser is amazing! Especially the gentle exfoliating, Regenerating Cleans..


I got this Immortal Anti-Aging face serum and I got hooked after my first use! They smell nice and feel luxurious. My skin is glowing and is hydrated all day. This is a perfect foray into her entire line, I’m hooked!


I love it and it’s so simple! I’ve used many products, but Immortal Anti-Aging face serum are my favorites! I ordered more yesterday!


Amazing skincare products. Luxury!! I’ve used this Immortal Anti-Aging face serum daily ever since it arrived and i can see a significant difference in my skin! It looks alive and so gooey ever without makeup!


My skin has never been this smooth. Thank you!
I love this Immortal Anti-Aging face serum product! My skin feels silky smooth and nourished after using it.


This is one of my favorite products from Brasilhairskinandbody! Helps with healing post procedures and decreases the healing time significantly! I’m an Esthetician and use this on every client after their treatments! It feels like silk on the skin! LOVE this Immortal Anti-Aging face serum product!


LOVE LOVE using Immortal Anti-Aging face serum before and after my treatments. Its so silky and smooth feeling! And it helped w/ some burns I had.


Hip Up Lifting body cream Miracle in a bottle


I don't know how we survived post-treatment before Immortal Anti-Aging face serum !! It's the only product that makes my scaly snake skin bearable in the first days after a chemical peel. I use it anytime I feel like my skin could use a little extra love - the texture is so silky and luxurious. Def recommend!

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