With climate changes , it's time to start thinking about the protective hairstyles that'll keep your hair hydrated and well cared for year round . Weather can be drying for all hair types, as the wind dehydrates our locks and curls and leads to breakage. That's why protective styles like box braids, Senegalese twists, goddess box braids , and passion twist are so essential.
Not only are they tried-and-true methods for preserving our natural hair; they're also just plain beautiful. They can easily be switched up to add length, or you can mix in different colors and textures to change up your look. Our hair can truly do anything. But before you decide on your next style, make sure you know the basics.

How do protective styles protect natural hair?
In short, protective styles help keep textured hair healthy by limiting its exposure to any damage caused by the sun, the heat, the cold, or overmanipulation. A great protective style can both help your hair retain moisture and help it grow faster.
Once you've settled on your look, you'll want to be mindful of scalp tension and ensure the foundation isn't too tight. “Otherwise it may lead to traction alopecia, headaches, and scalp soreness. Overt tightness can actually cause hair loss—

Best way to maintain protective styles?
To keep your protective style, make sure you wear a silk scarf or bonnet at night. Unlike cotton, silk helps your hair retain moisture and eliminates frizz, which will help you extend the wear of your look.

Inevitably, you'll start to notice your protective braids looking less smooth after a couple weeks, even if you're diligent with your wrapping at night. To bring your style back to life, try using our DragonFruit Utopia hair jelly.

For how long should you keep protective styles in?

Styles with extensions like box braids can typically last up to two months, while you'll likely want to take out your feed-in cornrows after a week. Wear them any longer, and you risk dehydrating your hair and minimizing its growth.

Use our Chebe products as a styler to put your hair in a protective style.
This is the original way of using it in Africa.
Begin with Brasil Rice Water, to dampen hair.
Apply our rose/rice water or water to hair to get it nice and damp. Section hair, if needed. Begin applying Chebe Oil, Chebe Gravy, and Chebe Butter from scalp to ends along with Brasil Dragonfruit Utopia Curl Control Jelly, follow with braids or twists.

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